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When struggling with high emotions and financial difficulties during a complex divorce, you need an attorney who understands what you are going through and is dedicated to your case. My name is J. Ogden Middleton II. As a sole practitioner, I have devoted my practice to representing clients in high-conflict family law matters, often receiving referrals from other attorneys. I have been through a divorce and can empathize with my clients and their feelings.

Please contact me, a Louisiana family dispute lawyer, at my law firm in Alexandria, Louisiana. I am committed to the highest ethical and professional standards. I serve my clients in a professional and timely manner.

Shreveport Family Law Specialist

As a board certified family law specialist in the state of Louisiana, I handle a variety of family law cases. My practice encompasses:


It is important to talk to a lawyer when you are seeking a divorce, especially if you have children, have been married a long time or if there are other complex issues involved. If there are children, careful consideration must be given to the issues of child support, custody, and placement. If there are substantial assets and/or debts, a detailed review of the parties’ overall financial picture must be made.

As your lawyer, my main concerns are the legal and emotional effects divorce has on you and your family. I have the experience and creativity to understand the difficulties that arise in divorce and the flexibility to help you discover new ways to cope during this stressful time.

Marital Property Division

Property division is rarely quick and easy no matter what the circumstances. However, couples with high-value assets have a more difficult time dividing their property than those with a small amount. If the couple did not complete a pre-nuptial agreement, the division is even more difficult. My many years of experience with divorce allow me to accurately assess the situation and work to ensure my clients receive a fair share of assets and support.

Child Custody And Visitation

When searching for the right visitation schedule or deciding where and with which parent the children should live, each party needs an attorney who is knowledgeable of the applicable state standards. It is equally important that your lawyer is sensitive to the concerns of the adults and children. I will help you efficiently reach a fair settlement of these often divisive issues, with the interests of the children as my number one priority.

High Conflict Custody Cases

Child custody cases can be fraught with conflict and high emotions. This is especially true when the parents live in two different states or countries. I handle both interstate and international custody disputes. Many of my peers refer their high-conflict custody dispute cases to me.

Child Support

It is undisputed that divorce has emotional implications for a family. Financial implications can be almost as daunting. Because each state has a unique formula for determination of child support amounts, you need my representation to help you reach a fair settlement and efficiency to reduce legal costs.

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Contact me, a Shreveport family law specialist, today to discuss your family law dispute. I represent clients throughout Louisiana, the United States and internationally.

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